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Non acidic tile cleaner

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Gentle yet powerful, our non-acidic tile cleaner is the perfect solution for pristine surfaces. Specially formulated to lift grime and stains without harsh acidity, it preserves your tiles’ integrity while delivering a spotless, gleaming finish.

  • Removes oil, grease, wax, floor polish, adhesives, gum marks.
  • Removes tough stains from bathroom floors and tiles.
  • Cleans any type of hard stains from any type of tile.

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Introducing our advanced non-acidic tile cleaner, a versatile solution designed to effortlessly tackle a range of challenging stains. This powerful formula excels at removing oil, grease, wax, floor polish, adhesives, and gum marks, ensuring a thorough and efficient cleaning experience.

Experience a bathroom transformation as our cleaner takes on tough stains on floors and tiles, leaving them refreshed and spotless. Its universal cleaning capabilities extend to various tile types, making it a reliable choice for any hard stain on any surface.

Revitalize your spaces with our all-in-one tile cleaner, delivering unmatched performance and restoring the pristine beauty of your tiles. Elevate your cleaning routine with confidence and ease.

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